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Ways to speed up your current Netgear wireless router

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Ways To Speed Up Your Current Netgear Wireless Router - Netgear Router SupportWireless networking is one of the best and most convenient technology ever developed. It is now one of the essentials of our life.But wireless connections are prone to signal degradation, random disconnections, and dead zones, speed loss etc. Netgear Support team suggests some simple tips to overcome all those problems and make a difference to your home Wi-Fi network & Let’s Start to Know the Ways to speed up your current Netgear wireless router.

Restart your NETGEAR router:

Ever faced a problem when your internet disconnects for no apparent reason and you have to restart your NETGEAR router to fix it?

This is the first thing your ISP tech support will tell you to do. Just reboot your NETGEAR router once in a day to overcome such problem.

Keep your NETGEAR router updated with new firmware:

NETGEAR routers are constantly updated for performance improvements and bug and security fixes. It is very important to keep your NETGEAR router updated to keep it working as good as new.

Try a new router location:

Experiment with new locations in your home. Your router’s signals have to compete with every other 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz device in your area. Try to keep it far from those devices and try to place it in the centre of your home. You can also create a heat map to discover dead zones and places where signal degrades heavily. It is a lengthy process but once you do it, it will make a world of difference.

Buy a better antenna or NETGEAR Wi-Fi extender:

Many NETGEAR routers have option to replace antenna. The antenna can be replaced with a better NETGEAR antenna, which comes separately. You can use them to strengthen your Wi-Fi signals and increase its range. For example, if your NETGEAR router has 3 dBi of antennas, replacing them with something like 5/9 dBi of antenna will surely help. You can also get a NETGEAR Wi-Fi extender which will greatly increase your Wi-Fi coverage and you will not need to change the antennas of your router too.

Change the channel width:

NETGEAR routers typically comes with two channel width settings, 20MHz or 40MHz. 40 MHz is mostly by new routers. This has worse effects for devices on older protocols because it introduces interference due to wider channel settings. This will increase the transferring or streaming of data between devices on that network, but will not speed up your actual internet browsing speed.

Use least used channel:

There are many different channels in both 2.4 and 5GHz spectrum. Use the least used channel for least interference with other networks. You can check the used channels around you with a software named Nirsoft’s WiFiInfoView.

Use different bands at same time:

Most of the NETGEAR routers are dual band routers which use one 2.4GHz and 1 5GHz band at the same time. There are tri-band NETGEAR routers available too. You can find this setting under wireless settings in configuration page of your NETGEAR router.

What it means is that you divide data into different lanes like a road has different lanes so that many vehicles can move at the same time. You can let the old devices use 2.4 GHz band which don’t support 5GHz band and let newer devices use 5GHz band which support it. This will decrease the clutter in your network and you will get better overall speeds.

Secure your Wi-Fi network:

Just don’t use a default username or password no matter what. As soon as you get a new NETGEAR router, change the username and password so that no one else but you can access the configuration page of your NETGEAR router.

Also password protect your Wi-Fi network by choosing a strong password with stronger WPA2 settings with AES encryption. Almost all NETGEAR wireless routers support it and it is a very secure and strong security measure. Try to avoid WEP as it is older than WPA2 and is less secure.

If you are still having issues with your NETGEAR router & Ways to speed up your current Netgear wireless router, feel free to contact Netgear Tech Support Company available 24×7 for your help. You can call on our Netgear Tech Support number at +1 888 808 1303.

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