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Ways to get most of your Tp-link wireless router

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Ways to get most of your Tp-link wireless router | Tp-link SupportConfiguring the router is very important as a bad configured router can cause slow-downs to your network, complete network failures, device disconnections or can even let someone hack into your network. This article guide you the Ways to get most of your Tp-link wireless router.

This is what most users don’t do correctly and often end up in a bad network with lot of problems. TP-LINK Technical Support suggests you to follow points below to get most of your Home Wi-Fi network.

Select the bands accordingly:

Most routers support 2 bands, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. 2.4 GHz is old and is relatively busy when compared to 5 GHz but it has some advantages over 5 GHz band like better compatibility with old devices and more range to play with. Though it has less number of channels than 5 GHz which means more interference. 5 GHz on the other hand is a newer technology and is less busy, offers the best speed possible and has more channels than 2.4GHz which means less interference with other devices/routers nearby. Since it has higher frequency than 2.4 GHz, it cannot penetrate walls or any other objects easily resulting in less range when compared to 2.4GHz band.


TP-LINK technical support suggests you to get a dual-band wireless router to use both of the bands to get best of them at the same time. In dual band routers, one band is for 2.4 GHz and another is for 5GHz which means that you have both bands to play with according to your needs.


Secure it with encryption:

Securing your network is one of the most important things you must do as soon as you have set up a network. The best encryption available today is WPA2. It is a new encryption and is very hard to breach. Use alphabets as well as numbers to make your password more complicated and don’t use obvious passwords like any name of your or anyone related to you, your house number or your contact number etc.


Find the perfect spot for your router:

Most people hide their router behind their computer table or place it in the corner of the room behind the furniture or on the floor. This causes reduced Wi-Fi range as the signals get block by the objects and placing on the floor is not a ideas at all. TP-LINK Technical Support suggests to place the router at a high spot like somewhere high on the wall near or in the central location of the house far from any objects to get the best coverage possible.


Appliances like microwave or cordless phones also causes interference. So place the router far from them as well.

Find the right channels:

Having a lot of networks around you on same or overlapping channels can interfere with yours resulting in poor performance and connection drops. Use some software like Wi-Fi Stumbler to get the least used channel and use it for your network.


Prioritize applications, devices and data:

Since there are number of users and devices connected to your network, one may be hogging the bandwidth and making the network slow for others. You can use Quality of service which TP-LINK Technical support highly suggest you to use it as it greatly helps in optimizing the network and you can use network more efficiently according to your need.


Turn your old Wireless Router into a repeater:

Just don’t throw away your old router. Use it as a repeater instead to get more range for your network. Since every router is different, check on the internet or talk to support how can it be done for your router.


Set your router on a Scheduled Reboot:

Rebooting a router helps it to not drop out the network. But it is a mess to do it daily again and again on your own. You can automate it by DD-WRT or using just a regular old outlet timer which will reboot your router on its own.


Just by following and implying these tweaks, you will surely find your network faster, reliable and more secure.
If you have any doubts about the Ways to get most of your Tp-link wireless router, please contact to TP-LINK technical support. For assistance, call on hey can be reached on TP-LINK technical support number at +1 888 808 1303 (Toll free).

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