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Using USB port on your Netgear router/wifi extender

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Using Usb Port On Your Netgear Router/Wifi Extender - Netgear Router Support

You may have seen a USB port on your Netgear Extender Support. If your router or extender have a USB port, you can use it to share your many other devices like printers and hard disks And Using USB port on your Netgear router/wifi extender.

Many NETGEAR routers and extenders come with one or even multiple USB ports. This is very useful when you have to share your single device so that many other people can use it, like in-office where many computers have access to just one printer, all the clients can use that printer whenever they need it.

This greatly reduces the setup cost and reduces the clutter.

Sharing the external HDD:

You can share your HDD to many clients with the help of that USB port on your NETGEAR router wifi extender. All you have to do is connect that HDD to the router/extender via USB and follow these simple steps:

Accessing HDD via HTTP or FTP:

  1. Go to from the computer which is connected to the router/extender which has the HDD connected to it.
  2. Enter username and password when prompted.
  3. On entering the NETGEAR genie page, click DO MORE > USB PORT > ADVANCED SETTINGS.
  4. Check the HTTP and FTP checkboxes and click SAVE.
  5. After saving, you can access your HDD with any computer which is connected to that NETGEAR router/extender.
  6. You can access it either by clicking on the HTTP or FTP link or simply going to http://shares or http://readyshare/shares for HTTP and ftp://shares or ftp://readyshare/shares for FTP.

Accessing HDD via network neighbourhood:

Use a computer that is connected to the NETGEAR modem/extender which has HDD connected.


  1.       Click GO > Connect to server.
  2.       Type smb://readyshare as server address and click on CONNECT.
  3.       Now you can access your HDD.


  1.       Go to RUN.
  2.       Type \\readyshare and hit enter.
  3.       Now you can access your HDD.

If you still have doubts or having any trouble About Using USB port on your Netgear router/wifi extender, contact to NETGEAR tech support available 24×7. You can call on their Netgear support toll free number on +1 888 808 1303 (Toll Free)

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