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Why use Netgear Wireless Extender

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Wireless Extenders, commonly known as boosters are used for various reasons. If we take it in simple terms, a Netgear Wireless Extender is useful for extending the coverage of the main wireless router in the home. It is usually used in larger space, especially big offices or homes so that the network should reach in every corner of the space.

While there are many extenders in the market, Netgear is the most trusted brand for its variety, affordability, quality and good Netgear support. There are several other situations where a Netgear wireless extender is used.


  • It is used to expand wireless coverage to an indoor area which is large in size. Extenders are also used to provide network coverage outside the home, such as lawn, garden area or deck.
  • They can also be used to pass network coverage in basement (though performance may differ depending on the hindrances and distance).
  • Netgear wireless extender is used in a business, office or home, where there is one wireless connection that needs to cover a wider area than the main router allows.

In all of the above situations, Netgear wireless extenders are the best solution to deliver speedy and seamless network. Netgear wireless extenders have different models suiting individual needs. There is WN1000RP for providing “basic” coverage for mobile devices (over and above the main coverage area). Additionally, there is another Netgear wireless extender model – EX6200, a best in class range extender employing 802.11ac and a 700mW high power design.

While setting up extenders are simple, but sometimes it happens that users who aren’t techie finds it difficult to set up wireless extenders. There comes the role of a professional Netgear tech support company. Such Netgear tech support companies have a team of experts who help users with the extender installation.

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