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Upgrading your Netgear router’s firmware manually

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Upgrading your Netgear router’s firmware manually

Firmware is stored in your router’s flash memory and contains the software which helps the router to do its job. Things like configuration page is also stored in the router’s firmware. Netgear regularly pushes updates for their routers to fix the bugs which may be present in your router’s software. Netgear Router support suggests you to update your router on a regular basis. As soon as you have found an update, you should install it right away. This will improve the security of your network, increase the performance of your router and may also introduce new features.Upgrading your Netgear router’s firmware manually is a simple process but can damage the router if done incorrectly.


This Netgear Technical Support will guide you on how to update your netgear router manually.

Things Netgear Tech support suggests that you should take care of while updating your router’s firmware:

  • ·         Never use wireless connection for updating your router’s firmware. Always use Ethernet cable to connect your router to the computer while updating your router’s firmware.
  • ·         Make sure that you have downloaded the update file for your router model only. Double check the router’s model and download the upload file of the exact same model.
  • ·         Manually update your router only if the automatic update has failed as automatic update is easy to do and has almost zero chance of damaging your hardware
  • ·          Always make a configuration backup of your router.


Follow these steps to update your router’s firmware:

  1.       Download the firmware file from the netgear’s website and unzip it in your computer.
  2.       Connect the router to your computer via Ethernet cable.
  3.       Launch web browser and enter the IP address of your router.
  4.       Enter the username and password when prompted.
  5.       Go to ADVANCED > Administration.
  6.       Click on Firmware update > choose file to choose the update file which you have unzipped from the file you have downloaded from the netgear’s website. The file should have .img or .chk extension.
  7.       Click on Upload and router will then upload the firmware.
  8.       The router will now reboot to install the new firmware. It will take about a minute to upgrade your router.
  9.       Check the router’s firmware version from Router Status to check if your router’s firmware has been upgraded successfully.


If you are facing any issues about Upgrading your Netgear router’s firmware manually, please contact to Netgear Technical Support. Call on Netgear 
Technical Support toll free number at +1 888 808 1303.

Static routing is used to manually define the route to your data in your network. This is generally defined by a network administrator and has some advantages over the dynamic routing. Since static routing are not fixed, any changes made to the network like adding or removing a device from the network will need to reconfigure the route which is not the case with dynamic routing.  Since the static routing needs to be reconfigured quite frequently, this Netgear Technical Support article will help you out in setting up one easily Static routing on Netgear routers. 

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