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How to Upgrade the Downloaded Belkin Router Firmware?

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After downloading the Belkin router firmware your work does not stops there. You need to upgrade the firmware from time to time to keep it up-to-date and properly working. In this article, Belkin router support experts from Icognix will explain you the steps to upgrade the already download Belkin router firmware.

Steps to Upgrade Firmware

According Belkin router support professionals, the firmware can be upgraded through its web-based setup page. Below are steps to be followed:

Step 1:

Access the web-based setup page by opening any web browser.  On the address bar, enter your router’s local IP address.

NOTE:  The Belkin router’s default IP address is  If this doesn’t work, check your router’s IP address.  

Step 2:

Click Login at the top-right corner of the page.

Step 3:

Enter your router’s Password if you have one.  Otherwise, leave the field blank then click Submit.

Step 4:

On the Utilities  in the left navigation panel, click Firmware Update.

Step 5:

Click Browse… and search for the file you saved previously.

Step 6:

Select the firmware file and click Open.

NOTE:  The firmware version in the image below is just an example.  Your file name will vary depending on your router’s model and version number.

Step 7:

Click Update.

Step 8:

You will be prompted to continue with the upgrade.  Click OK.

Step 9:

A prompt that advises you NOT to turn off or reboot the router at the end of the upgrade will appear.  Click OK.

The firmware update status will then appear.

Step 10:

Once the update is complete, you will be prompted to wait for several seconds.

Step 11:

Click OK after the router is done rebooting.

If you have any questions or are facing any issues, please contact to Belkin Router Support. Call on Belkin router support toll-free number at 1-888-479-2017.

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