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Unable to access configuration page of your Netgear extender

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Unable to access configuration page of your Netgear extenderYou can access the configuration page of your Netgear wireless extender by going to to setup your wireless extender or change any setting related to it at any time. This is a really easy and quick way to manage your wireless extender but what if you are not able to access the configuration page?.This article guide to Unable to access configuration page of your Netgear extender


This can be a very inconvenient and it just make it impossible to configure your wireless extender. This problem can be because of number of reasons. Below are some possible reasons for the problem:


  • Firewall may be blocking the configuration page
  • Web browser may not be able to display the page
  • You are entering the wrong username or password
  • link may not be working


This Netgear Support article will discuss all the problems and will guide you on how to fix them.


Do make sure that your wireless extender is powered on and the computer you are using is connected to it. Make sure the PC to Extender LED is lit up.


Disable your Firewall

Firewall is used to protect your network from the suspicious stuff over the internet which can harm your network and devices connected to it. Due to some reason, it is possible that the firewall in your computer is blocking the configuration page. Turn off the firewall to see if it helps. Netgear Technical support do not suggest you to turn off the firewall while surfing the internet, Disable the firewall only for the test purpose.


Try resetting your browser or use alternate browser

It is possible that the web browser you are using may not be able to display the web page. Try resetting your browser or try alternate browser. Netgear Technical support suggests you to use google chrome.


Entering wrong username and password

If you are able to access the login page of the configuration page but are not able to login, there are chances that you are entering wrong username and password. Double check the username and password that you are entering. Default username and password can be found on the label on the wireless extender. If you have changed the password but have forgotten it, the only option you have now is to reset the extender. It will reset the extender to the factory settings and you will have to configure it again. This is why Netgear Technical Support always suggests making a backup of your configuration file so that you can use it later to quickly configure your router or wireless extender. not working

If the link isn’t loading up, try entering the default IP address of the extender. It should be Default IP address can also be found on the label on the wireless extender.


For avoiding such problems, always keep your extender’s firmware updated and keep a backup file of your extender’s latest configuration.

For more queries about Unable to access configuration page of your Netgear extender, contact to Netgear Extender Technical Support. Call on Netgear technical support toll free number on +1 888 808 1303  for instant assistance.

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