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How to troubleshoot dropped Wi-Fi Connections in Netgear Router?

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In many cases, dropped Wi-Fi connection problem is caused by local environmental elements that affect the wireless signal.  If you are facing the intermittent wireless issues with your connection, this article is for you.


In this article Netgear router support professional at help you know the steps to overcome the dropped Wi-Fi connection problem.


  1.   Try changing some wireless settings on the router
  •         In order to do it you need to log into the router’s administrative interface
  •         Using a computer that is connected directly to the router with an Ethernet cable, launch a web browser
  •         Go to
  •         You are prompted to enter a username and password
  1.       Try changing to a different wireless channel
  •         Click on Wireless Settings below the setup menu
  •         Change the Channel (channels 1,6 and 11 are generally best, but any channel can be used)
  •         Click Apply and test for improvement in performance.
  1.       Try reducing the connection speed
  •         Click  Wireless Settings below the setup menu
  •         Change the Mode to a lower speed
  •         Click Apply and test for improvement in performance
  1.       Adjust advanced wireless settings
  •         Click Wireless Settings under Advanced
  •         Change the Fragmentation Length and CTS/RTS Threshold values to 2304
  •         Click Apply and test for improvement in performance.


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