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How to Transfer Norton License to a New Device?

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How to Transfer Norton License to a new device - Norton SupportNorton provides the best protection against multiple threats that exists in cyberspace. It protects from viruses, infections, malware and other harmful risks that could lead to identity theft, may make your computer slow and lead to data loss. They are also good because they have the excellent Norton Technical Support experts. In our last article we have explained the steps to download Norton product on any device. In this post we present to you the steps on How to Transfer Norton License to a new device?.

Every Norton subscription comes with a limited number of seats to install Norton program on different devices. In case if a user has finished using their licenses, they should remove a license from an unused device to allow installation on a new device. Follow the below instructions to remove a license to remove a license to install a Norton Products on a new device.

Steps to transfer Norton License to a New Device

Norton Technical Support professionals have suggested two step process to transfer Norton License to a new device.

Step 1: Transfer the Norton license that you no longer use

  • Sign in to Norton
  • On the Services page, click on your Norton product
  • In the Manage My Installs section, under the Remove License column, to release the license from the device you are no longer using, click the trash can icon
  • In the Remove License confirmation dialog box, click OK

Step 2: Install Norton on a new device

  • On the device you want to install, go to
  • In the Norton Setup page that appears, click Download Norton
  • Click Agree & Download
  • Click on the area pointed by the on-screen arrow and follow the on-screen instructions
    If your download did not complete, or you see any error when you download your product, you can use the Restart Download option to restart the download

For any issue, you can contact Norton Antivirus Technical Support team at on their Norton Tech Support toll free number at +1 888 808 1303.

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