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Top tips to buy the best wireless router

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Top Tips To Buy The Best Wireless Router

All routers might seem similar in the first look. In reality, not all are the same. In fact, each differs from the other in terms of its features, size, performance and of course support service. While it is important to choose the best router for your need, it is equally significant to pick one that suits your pocket and one which offers fairly router support service. and Top Tips To Buy The Best Wireless Router.

Top tips to buy the best wireless router

There are many routers of different brands available in the market, but the question is, which one to buy. Follow the points below to get the right router that can work best for you.

  • Speed – The speed of a wireless router is typically counted in megabits per second (Mbps). While the first consumer model Wi-Fi models offered speed of 11 Mbps, trailing a mid-range router offering 54 Mbps. Currently, the abstract limit is 600 Mbps, most technologically advanced routers support 300 Mbps. While most users get allured by the highest Mbps rating, it is important for them to actually check it practically before making a decision; because sometimes what happens is the actual performance you will get is far less than what is quoted on the package or on their website.


  • Test before you buy – Before narrowing down to a wireless router, it is important to test the same. Specifications given on the package is only theoretical, while testing (using it practically) the same will help you gauge its actual performance. There are several website that offer speed testing comparison of routers by different brands. You may visit these portals and test the performance immediately. Netgear routers are termed as the best ones in the market due to its decent speed and excellent Netgear Router support service.
  • Customer care service – This is one of the most important deciding factors, especially in case of routers. Hardware or software, everything faces problem at least once in their use. While this isn’t the major deciding point, issue if not addressed on time and correctly could lead to more problem. Hence a good customer support service is very important. Therefore, pick a brand that has the best and most prompt customer support. Over the years, Netgear has come out as the most renowned brand in terms of Netgear router support service.


  • Cost and Budget – Affordability is another important element in the process of deciding upon the best router. Users should visit multiple websites, compare price and features to end up buying the best wireless router that is worth the money spent. It is always advisable to fix a specific budget in mind before actually start researching for a router. If you wish to buy a Netgear router, contact Netgear tech support @ +1 888 808 1303 team to know about the current discounts/offers available with the brand.


Other than the above points, other things that one should keep in mind before buying a router are:

  • Selecting the right size and style that suits your requirement
  • Take reviews from other customers
  • Look for the popular models in the market
  • Make note of compatibility

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