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Tips to update the firmware of your Belkin range extender

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Tips to update the firmware of your Belkin range extender - Belkin Router SupportSame like Belkin router, even Belkin range extender needs firmware updates. It helps in fixing the issues that users encounter while using the device. The new firmware, according to Belkin router support experts, offers boost to the functions of the range extender and may be able to refresh the device to avoid and resolve connection lost issues. Below are steps by Belkin Support about Tips to update the firmware of your Belkin range extender that can help you update the firmware of your Belkin range extender.

Before updating, users need to download the firmware. Take a look below to understand the downloading process.

Downloading the Firmware

Step 1:

Go to the Belkin support site.  Enter the model number of your product in the Enter model # field.

Step 2:

Select your device.

Step 3:

Select the version number of your device then scroll down to the Downloads section.

Step 4:

Under Downloads, select the firmware file.

Step 5:

Once in the Downloads page, click Download.

Step 6:

Select the Save File radio button then click OK.

Updating the range extenders

Step 1:

Once you have downloaded the firmware, open a web browser and enter http://belkin.range/support” in the Address bar, then press [Enter].

Step 2:

Click Login in the upper-right corner of the page.

Step 3:

Enter your range expander Password then click Submit.

NOTE:  If you haven’t set up a Password for your router, leave the field blank then click Submit.

Step 4:

Select Firmware Update.

Step 5:

Click BROWSE to select the firmware that you have downloaded and click Open.

Step 5:


Step 7:

A prompt will then appear, click OK.

Step 8:

Another prompt would appear stating that the device will not respond during the upgrade.  Click OK.

IMPORTANT:  Do not unplug, turn OFF, or restart the range extender while undergoing the firmware upgrade.

Step 9:

Wait for 30 seconds while the range extender finalizes the firmware update.

If you come across any problem throughout this process, kindly contact Belkin router support team of on their toll free number at +1 888 808 1303. Hope this blog helpful to you if you still facing problem regarding Tips to update the firmware of your Belkin range extender contact us.

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