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Netgear Wireless Router Self Help – Know how to install it

In every article we explain you the ways to attend complex technical difficulties. But in today’s article we will help you take care of the easy topics that may not necessarily need technical expertise to get resolved. In today’s article our Netgear tech support experts will help you self-install Netgear wireless router. How to Install…
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Improving wireless range of your Netgear router

Wireless routers are one of the most convenient devices available now. They are easy to configure and provide fast and reliable connection to multiple devices in an area. But what if you want to expand that area or what if you aren’t getting the reliable connection at the other side of your house? You can…
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understand the difference between Wireless AC vs Wireless N

After the introduction of 802.11ac Wi-Fi, NETGEAR has introduced many 802.11ac Wi-Fi routers like NETGEAR JR6150AC750.As it is a new standard router, many people don’t know about it. So, we are here to tell you the difference between them. Since the beginning of wireless networking, many improvements have been made to make it faster and…
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Using USB port on your Netgear router/wifi extender

You may have seen a USB port on your NETGEAR router WiFi extender. If your router or extender have a USB port, you can use it to share your many other devices like printers and hard disks.   Many NETGEAR routers and extenders come with one or even multiple USB ports. This is very useful…
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Upgrading to IEEE WLan standard 802.11ac with the help of netgear tech support

On January 2014 a new member was added in the IEEE 802.11 wireless network standard family. This wireless network standard has taken over its predecessor i.e IEEE 802.11 b/g/n. Since its release all the major networking hardware manufacturers have released score of networking devices based on this new standard.  In this article we will discuss…
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