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How to Connect Wireless PC to Netgear Router using Windows 8?

In our past articles we have explained the steps to get the IP address of your router, installing and configuring your router, resetting admin username and password of the Netgear router etc. However, in this article our Netgear tech support professionals aim to address the most complex issue – how to connect wireless PC to…
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Using USB port on your Netgear router/wifi extender

You may have seen a USB port on your NETGEAR router WiFi extender. If your router or extender have a USB port, you can use it to share your many other devices like printers and hard disks.   Many NETGEAR routers and extenders come with one or even multiple USB ports. This is very useful…
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Using WPS/Push ‘n’ connect feature on your Netgear wireless routers

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Also known as Push ‘n’ Connect is found on some NETGEAR wireless router. It is used to securely connect your devices to your wireless network and is also used to secure your Wi-Fi network.   It is a widely used network security standard. Any device can be connected to…
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