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Optimizing your Netgear router wifi network with Netgear Tech Support

So you are facing random Wi-Fi signal drops, sudden speed loss or loss in data while playing games or watching videos over internet?? It’s time to optimize your Wi-Fi network, as it is the source of the problem. There are handful of things you can do before approaching any Netgear tech support company to make…
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Risks Involved in Choosing an Uncertified Netgear Technical Support Company

If you own a router you are bound to face technical problems. While some of these can be resolved on individual level, most requires expert assistance. In that case hiring a Netgear Technical Support provider is essential. But most users get trapped in the vicious game of those local technicians, who charge more and offer…
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Upgrading to IEEE WLan standard 802.11ac with the help of netgear tech support

On January 2014 a new member was added in the IEEE 802.11 wireless network standard family. This wireless network standard has taken over its predecessor i.e IEEE 802.11 b/g/n. Since its release all the major networking hardware manufacturers have released score of networking devices based on this new standard.  In this article we will discuss…
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What parameters to consider for picking the right Netgear Tech Support Company?

Netgear Tech Support Company While looking for the best Netgear tech support company it is good to know what you should be looking for in your service provider. You need to define what comprises of the ‘best.’ Almost every company claim of the best service, therefore it is on you to do your homework before…
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Call Netgear Tech Support – if your Netgear router is facing internet connectivity issue

Internet Connectivity Issue? Call Netgear Tech Support @ 1-888-479-2017 During Netgear router installation, users come across various issues. The nature and intensity of problem differs from user to user. One of the most common problems that users face is router facing internet connectivity issue – weak network/internet issue. If you are facing this issue, don’t…
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