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All about Smart Connect and How to Enable and Disable it on Nighthawk Router

Smart Connect is present in R8000 and R8500 Nighthawk routers. It enables the router to choose the best 5 GHz Wi-Fi band for each 5 GHz device to maximize the Wi-Fi performance of the router. If you want your Smart Connect to work properly, both 5 GHz radio bands should use the same wireless network…
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How Do I Disable/Enable the LED Lights on the R8000 Nighthawk X6 Smart Wifi Router?

Most of the Netgear router users find it difficult to disable or enable the LED lights on the R8000 Nighthawk Wifi router. For this our Netgear tech support experts have come forward with this support article. Before we tell you the steps to enable or disable the LED lights, let us first understand the symptoms.…
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How to enable/disable the LED lights on my Nighthawk router?

There are users who always face some or the other issues with their routers. In this article we aim to solve one such problem/technical issue. Netgear tech support professionals at Icognix will explain you steps to enable or disable the LED lights on the Nighthawk router. Read the below instructions carefully.    Connect a computer wired…
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Do you know the steps to Install the ReadySHARE Printer Utility on your PC?

Every computer should have the ReadyShare Printer Utility that helps in sharing the printer. Once the installation is done, the utility displays as NETGEAR USB Control Center on your PC. In this article we our Netgear tech support experts will help you the steps to install and configure the ReadySHARE Printer Utility on your PC.…
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Steps to Reinstall the Firmware on a router without the setup CD Recovery Tool

In this article Netgear tech support experts will help with the steps to reinstall the firmware on a Netgear router without the setup CD recovery tool. Before knowing the steps, let us first try to understand the symptoms why such reinstall is needed. Symptoms: Router not booting up properly Failed firmware update Blinking power LED…
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The Power LED on my Nighthawk router stays amber and does not light white. What Should I Do?

Are you facing issue problem with the Power LED on your Nighthawk router? Does it stays amber and does not light white? If you just said yes, then the problem needs to be addressed quickly. Ideal Scenario: When the Netgear router is tuned on, the Power LED lights amber for about 20 seconds and then…
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Steps to Configure the EX6200 to your Wi-Fi Router using an Ethernet Connection

This article by Netgear tech support provides information on how to configure the EX6200 to your Netgear Wifi router using an Ethernet connection. Below are the recommended steps. Place the extender close to the Wi-Fi router. *Note: In a later step in this procedure, after you have established a connection to the Wi-Fi router, you…
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What to do if the Netgear Wireless Adapter is Not Achieving Desired Speeds or Range?

Sometimes, while using the Netgear wireless adapter like WNDA4100, A6200 or any other, the speed and range that it gives out is way too less than the required one for desired output. While the reasons for this could be several, the steps to overcome this is only one. If you are facing the issue with…
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Steps to set up a NETGEAR DSL modem as a router if you have Spark NZ Fibre or UFB?

Below is the process recommended by Netgear Tech support experts that you need to follow to set up your Netgear DSL modem as a router in case you have Spark NZ Fibre or UFB. Connect your optical modem equipment to your DSL modem’s Internet port. Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that…
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How to activate your Netgear Cable Modem Router using Comcast/Xfinity?

In the below article we will help you with the steps to activate your Netgear cable modem router with Comcast service. Read the below article by Netgear Tech support experts carefully. Firstly, ensure your Netgear cable modem is physically set up correctly. Remove your existing cable modem from the network. In case of any query,…
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