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ReadyNAS OS 6.8: Multiple Admin Support

Wondering what ReadyNAS OS 6.8 do? It allows admins to configure users to the admin group. This group allows members ┬áto login to the Admin Page, and manage the device, all without using the admin user’s credentials. In the below article, Netgear tech support professionals explains the adding, changing, and creating user as a primary…
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Sharing printer with readyshare on Netgear routers | ReadyNas Support

Netgear ReadyNas Support You can share your USB devices like printer if your printer has a USB port and supports the sharing feature. Most Netgear routers do support it and if you have multiple devices at your place, you can use ReadySHARE feature on your Netgear router to share your printer easily. Netgear Technical Support…
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How to find the reliable and cost-effective Netgear router support provider online?

Want to fix Netgear ReadyNAS router related problems? Are you in search for the most reliable Netgear router support provider online? Well! It is tough to find the best technical support company, but definitely not impossible.We know it is quite irritating to see your router not responding properly when you need it the most. While…
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