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How Do I Disable/Enable the LED Lights on the R8000 Nighthawk X6 Smart Wifi Router?

Most of the Netgear router users find it difficult to disable or enable the LED lights on the R8000 Nighthawk Wifi router. For this our Netgear tech support experts have come forward with this support article. Before we tell you the steps to enable or disable the LED lights, let us first understand the symptoms.…
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In our last article we have explained you to “USING VPN SERVICE ON NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK ROUTER VIA ANDROID DEVICE“. In this article Netgear tech support team at Icognix will help you in CONFIGURING VPN ON NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK ROUTER USING MAC COMPUTER. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is used to keep your data over the…
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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it is the best way to hide your activity over the internet. It encrypts all the data you send and then decrypts it when you receive so that no one in between could read them easily. It also helps to access restricted/blocked content on the internet. You can…
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Tips to Use the WPS Wizard on my Nighthawk Router

In this article Netgear tech support professionals explain you the ways to use the WPS wizard on nighthawk router.     The WPS wizard helps you add a wireless computer or device to your Wi-Fi network without paying the Wi-Fi password.   Here is how to use the WPS Wizard: Launch an Internet browser from…
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Setting up and using password recovery on Netgear nighthawk router

To access the configuration page of your router, you need a username and password. Usernames are not easily forgotten as they are easy to remember but password can be forgotten sometimes as they are unique and contain alphabets, numbers and special characters which make them slip from our brains sometimes.   You can use Password…
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Using VPN service on Netgear Nighthawk router

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network is used to anonymously access the network and is mostly used to access or do private work when on public network so that no one can monitor what you are doing on the network which Netgear Technical Support suggests you to do as there may be potential hackers or…
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Setting up bridge mode on Netgear Nighthawk router

One thing Netgear Technical Support really suggests is to set up your nighthawk router in bridge mode. With bridge mode you have many advantages that one must use to take full advantage of their speedy router as bridge mode allows multiple devices to connect to the router wirelessly which can make use of all that…
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