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Steps to backup and restore a Netgear Range Extender

Users always struggle to find the steps to backup and restore a Netgear extender. Therefore in this article by Netgear tech support professionals they can find proper instructions and guidelines on Netgear extender support. Read on.  By using the Backup Settings, users can create a backup file of their current Netgear Wi-Fi extender settings. Typically, the…
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Tips to Hide or Unhide SSID on your Netgear Range Extender

In every Netgear range extender, SSID broadcast is enabled by default. In this article Netgear tech support experts will help you with the steps to hide or unhide SSID on the Netgear range extender. Read below. Steps to hide SSID Broadcast Ensure the PC/client device is connected to extender network either via wired or wireless…
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How to get over the Problem of Manual Setup in Netgear WiFi Extender?

In our last article we have explained how to resolve the Netgear WiFi Extender Manual Setup Problem if you are using an extender with Ethernet port. In this post our Netgear tech support professionals will tell you how to solve the problem if you are using an extender without Ethernet port. Read the below article…
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By default, Netgear Extender extends all the bands of your router if your router and extender both support multiple bands. This lets devices to connect to any band they want for the internet but this mode reduces the performance of the Wi-Fi, i.e. it reduces the data transfer speed across the network. The Wi-Fi speed…
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Unable to access configuration page of your Netgear extender

You can access the configuration page of your Netgear wireless extender by going to to setup your wireless extender or change any setting related to it at any time. This is a really easy and quick way to manage your wireless extender but what if you are not able to access the configuration page?…
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Using USB port on your Netgear router/wifi extender

You may have seen a USB port on your NETGEAR router WiFi extender. If your router or extender have a USB port, you can use it to share your many other devices like printers and hard disks.   Many NETGEAR routers and extenders come with one or even multiple USB ports. This is very useful…
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Netgear Tech Support for Netgear Wi-Fi Extenders/Booster

Wi-Fi networks are limited in range; their coverage depends on transmission type, power and location they are used in. In outdoors a Wi-Fi router has a very large coverage, but for indoors it reduces drastically. If a device is not in line of sight of the router, then the quality of signal may reduce drastically.…
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