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How to configure a Linksys Router?

The question might sound common, and to a few even silly. But interestingly, this is one of the most asked questions on our support network. A lot of non-technical people find it difficult to configure their router on their own. In such case they either take help from friends or look for technical support team.…
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How useful is Linksys Tech Support?

Linksys is one of the renowned router brands available. It is known for its excellent Linksys tech support, affordable and customized package, 24×7 support and good performance. In case of any issue, one can get in touch with professional Linksys tech support to get the problem resolved within few hours (in some cases even minutes).…
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Backup and restore configuration settings on Linksys router

Backup and Restore feature is present in Linksys routers which let user backup the current configuration of the router and restore the configuration from the backup file previously made whenever they want. It is a handy feature in situations where you need to reset your router to factory settings. Reconfiguring the router again is a…
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Using USB printer with Linksys router from a windows computer

If your Linksys Router has a USB port, you can use this port to connect your USB printer which then after configuration can be used by anyone in the network. Sharing a printer over a network is very convenient, fast and saves money as you just need one printer which can be used by everyone…
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Restricting internet access during certain time using parental controls on Linksys routers

Parental control is a feature found on most of the Linksys Routers which lets you restrict the internet access for any device for specific time. You can either block the internet access or you can just block specific sites at specific times.   Linksys Technical support recommends you to use this feature if you want…
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Changing channels on your Linksys Wi-Fi router

If you are living in a populated place, then there should be many wireless networks which are being used by others. This can be the reason if you are experiencing problems with your own Wi-Fi network. Other networks interfere with your own network which arises the problems like connection drops.   This Linksys Technical support…
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How to change the workgroup name of a Windows-based computer to share files using Linksys router

In our last post we have explained you the different issues faced by Linksys users during file sharing. Our Linksys technical support experts have listed three expert ways to overcome this problem. In this article we present to you details on one of the three ways – Altering the workgroup name of a Windows-based PC.…
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How to enable file sharing between PCs with Windows OS from Linksys router?

In our last article, we have shared an article by Linksys Technical Support experts that talks about the various router problems and solution to overcome the issue. Some of the common problems faced are how to overcome Linksys Router Configuration Issue? In that post we have listed down the solution for this problem.   Another…
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Media prioritization feature on the linksys smart wi-fi router

Media Prioritization feature allows to prioritize the devices, type of data or applications that will be given more bandwidth. Linksys Technical Support recommends you to do this as per your needs as it is one of the best way to optimize your network which will make it faster and reliable as you can set priorities…
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Connecting a storage device to your Linksys router

You may have found a USB port at the back of your router. This can either be used to connect storage devices or share different devices like printer etc. Computer connected to that network will be able to access it. This Linksys technical support article will explain how to add storage devices to your router…
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