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You can connect multiple Linksys routers together in a network for multiple reasons. You may need to improve performance, you may need to connect more devices to your network, you may need to expand the network range or you may need to distribute load among multiple routers for faster data transfer. You can easily do…
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How to set up a computer to acquire IP address automatically for Windows 7/Vista users?

Many-a-times it happens that user find it difficult to get their Linksys router’s IP address. They may need technical support from Linksys for this. Therefore we have come up with this blog. Read it carefully. In this article we will tell you how to set up a PC to obtain IP address automatically. Here we…
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How to check the Mac computer’s connection to the Linksys router?

One of the many ways to make sure your Mac computer’s proper connection to the Linksys router is check how it is physically connected. A user can also check the network activity between the router and their computer/PC. In order to check the Mac computer’s connection to the router, Linksys router support recommend following the…
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Connecting a Linksys Router to another Router through LAN to WAN

In order to connect one of the LAN ports of the main Linksys router to the WAN port of the another router, the primary and the secondary router need to have different IP segments. It is important because this process will make it simple to classify which router the PC and other devices in the…
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Changing SSID and network password on Linksys routers

Network Name (SSID) and Password are the basic things that need to be setup for a wireless network. Linksys Router Support recommends to setup a password on your wireless network to make it secure. Since these are very basic settings, they may need to be changed sometimes, especially the password which may need to be…
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Setting up VPN on linksys routers

VPN stands for virtual private network. It is used to decrypt and encrypt the incoming and outgoing data in your network respectively so that no one can know what you are accessing over the internet. This helps you anonymously access the internet or any other network like public networks where you don’t want to share…
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Configuring guest network on linksys routers using linksys connect

Guest network is a feature present in Linksys Routers which allows user to create a virtual network in conjunction to the main network through which the users can connect to the router. A guest network is basically a network with limited access. Anyone which is connected to the guest network can only use it to…
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