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Media prioritization feature on the linksys smart wi-fi router

Media Prioritization feature allows to prioritize the devices, type of data or applications that will be given more bandwidth. Linksys Technical Support recommends you to do this as per your needs as it is one of the best way to optimize your network which will make it faster and reliable as you can set priorities…
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Connecting a storage device to your Linksys router

You may have found a USB port at the back of your router. This can either be used to connect storage devices or share different devices like printer etc. Computer connected to that network will be able to access it. This Linksys technical support article will explain how to add storage devices to your router…
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Upgrading Linksys router’s firmware using web-based setup page

Manually upgrading the router’s firmware can be a hassle. This is why Linksys technical support recommends to turn on Automatic Updates as it will automatically update your router’s firmware and will save you some work and time. But if you don’t prefer that, this Linksys technical support article will guide you to manually upgrade your…
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Steps to Reset a Linksys Wireless Router Username and Password

When a user uses Wi-Fi service in their office, it becomes very important for them to ensure the connection is secure. This is important to protect your significant data. Most of the times, it happens that due to poor security, some critical data is stolen. If you feel your router’s admin settings have been compromised,…
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