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Steps to Reconnect the Router after the Belkin Router Firmware Update?

Once you are done updating/upgrading the firmware of your Belkin router, wait for three minutes for it to settle. The screen will automatically return to the home page when the upgrade is done. However, if you are not taken to the web-based setup page, powercycle the router. Don’t know how to do it? Read the…
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Types of Wireless Security for your Belkin Router

Unauthorized access to your network is the main security issue faced by users. There is always a risk that your confidential data may be compromised. Hence, securing your wireless connection is of utmost importance.   In this article by Belkin router support professionals you will get to know different types of wireless security that you…
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How to Change Belkin Router Password?

In our last article, Belkin Router Support experts at Icognix have shared the steps to reset Belkin password. In this post the professionals intend to explain the procedure to change Belkin router password. Changing Belkin Router Password Changing the password is not a tough task for tech savvy people. But it is definitely a task…
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