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Cloning Computer’s MAC address to your Belkin Router

MAC address stands for Media Access Control address. It is a unique identifier which is assigned to each and every device during their manufacturing so that they can be identified when on a network. This is a unique number and generally once assigned, cannot be changed. Some ISPs use MAC address to identify devices and…
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UPnP stands for Universal Plug and Play is a set of protocols which allows devices inside a network to discover each other for various things like audio players, printers and many other things.   UPnP is a great way for residential use and is also a great feature for multimedia consumption. Using this feature will…
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Tips to set up and add computers to your Belkin Router’s Wireless Network

On the How do you want to add a network? Pop-up, click manually create a network profile. Step 4:Technically, there are three best ways for adding computers to the network. In this article we will explain you all the three steps. Read the below steps by Belkin router support carefully. Connecting to the network Manually…
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How to correctly power cycle a Belkin Home Network?

This is one of the many questions our Belkin router support experts have received during their customer call, chat and email. Hence, we have created this help article.   In this article we tell you how to properly power cycle a Belkin Home Network.   Let’s know how: The network power cycle can be a…
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Steps to Update the Router’s Firmware Using the Belkin Monitor Software

In our last article we have explained you the generic steps to update Belkin router’s firmware. In this post our Belkin router support experts will tell you how to update the router’s firmware using the Belkin Monitor Software.   What is Belkin Monitor Software? The Belkin Monitor Software helps you monitor your router’s status and…
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Steps to Reconnect the Router after the Belkin Router Firmware Update?

Once you are done updating/upgrading the firmware of your Belkin router, wait for three minutes for it to settle. The screen will automatically return to the home page when the upgrade is done. However, if you are not taken to the web-based setup page, powercycle the router. Don’t know how to do it? Read the…
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How to Upgrade the Downloaded Belkin Router Firmware?

After downloading the Belkin router firmware your work does not stops there. You need to upgrade the firmware from time to time to keep it up-to-date and properly working. In this article, Belkin router support experts from Icognix will explain you the steps to upgrade the already download Belkin router firmware.   Steps to Upgrade…
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How to Restrict Internet Access Using Parental Internet Control on Belkin Router?

Belkin router also has a feature within Parental Internet Control through which users can restrict internet access. Through this feature users can limit and select the devices that can go online or restrict websites on your network. Do you want to know how to use this feature to restrict internet access, follow the below steps.…
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Tips to update the firmware of your Belkin range extender

Same like Belkin router, even Belkin range extender needs firmware updates. It helps in fixing the issues that users encounter while using the device. The new firmware, according to Belkin router support experts, offers boost to the functions of the range extender and may be able to refresh the device to avoid and resolve connection…
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Types of Wireless Security for your Belkin Router

Unauthorized access to your network is the main security issue faced by users. There is always a risk that your confidential data may be compromised. Hence, securing your wireless connection is of utmost importance.   In this article by Belkin router support professionals you will get to know different types of wireless security that you…
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