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Steps to Upgrade Linksys router’s firmware using the TFTP utility

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Sometimes users face issue while updating router’s firmware using the web-based setup page. In that case they should upgrade the same using the TFTP utility. In this article our Linksys router support experts explain you how to upgrade Linksys router’s firmware using the alternative method i.e. the TFTP utility.


Before you start upgrading the firmware using this method, it is important to ensure that the initial steps are followed:

  •         Check LED lights
  •         One-minute reset or Hard Reset
  •         Power cycle the router
  •         Set Static IP on the computer
  •         Ping the router


A user will need the following to do the upgrade:

  1. TFTP Utility
  2. Firmware


Below are the steps to update the firmware:

Step 1:

Double-click the TFTP utility icon.


Step 2:

Enter the IP address and password of your router in the Server and Password fields.

NOTE:  The router’s default IP address is and the default password is admin.  If you have different IP address and router password, you need to use those information instead.


Step 3:

Click the Browse button and open the firmware file you downloaded earlier.


Step 4:

Click the Upgrade button.

NOTE:  If you encounter errors or problems, reset the router or perform a powercycle.  To perform a powercycle, unplug the device from the power source for about 30 seconds before plugging it back.  After that, repeat the upgrade process.


Once the process is successfully completed, you should be able to log into the router’s web based setup page.
In case if the above steps don’t work, contact Linksys Router Support
anytime. Users can call on Linksys Router Support toll-free number at 1-888-479-2017.

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