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Steps to Update the Router’s Firmware Using the Belkin Monitor Software

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In our last article we have explained you the generic steps to update Belkin router’s firmware. In this post our Belkin router support experts will tell you how to update the router’s firmware using the Belkin Monitor Software.

What is Belkin Monitor Software?

The Belkin Monitor Software helps you monitor your router’s status and change its network settings. This software can also be used to update the router and apps to the latest version.

*Please note: Routers comes in many versions. In case if you don’t the version or serial number of your Belkin router, check the sticker on your router device.

Read the below steps to get tips on updating firmware with Belkin monitor software.

  • Step 1:
    Right-click the Belkin Router Manager icon in your computer’s system tray.  If you are using a Mac® computer, the icon can be found in the Menu bar.
    *NOTE:  If you cannot find the Belkin Router Manager icon, launch it from your Windows Start menu and search for the Belkin Router Manager.  For Mac, go to Finder > Applications > select the Belkin folder > then click on the Belkin Router Manager icon.
  • Step 2:
    Select “Check for Updates” or “Update Available” from the menu.  The Belkin Update window will then appear.
  • Step 3:
    Click Install Update.

You are done with the process!

If you have any query or if the above steps didn’t work for you, contact Belkin Router support expert on toll free number 1-888-479-2017. They can be contacted via email support or web chat. You can use any of these medium, the response will be instant and same will be the help process.

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