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Steps to set up a NETGEAR DSL modem as a router if you have Spark NZ Fibre or UFB?

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Below is the process recommended by Netgear Tech support experts that you need to follow to set up your Netgear DSL modem as a router in case you have Spark NZ Fibre or UFB.

  1. Connect your optical modem equipment to your DSL modem’s Internet port.
  2. Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to the network.
  3. Enter


A login window opens.

  1. Enter the DSL modem’s admin user name and password.

The user name is admin. The default password is password. The user name and password are case-sensitive.

The BASIC Home page displays.

  1. Select Internet.

The Internet Setup page displays.

  1. From the Select Country menu, select New Zealand.

The page adjusts.

  1. From the Select Internet Service provider menu, select Spark.

The page adjusts again.

  1. Select the Use VLANID check box and leave the default setting, which is 10.
  2. In the Priority (802.1p) field, leave the default setting, which is 0.
  3.  In the Does your Internet connection require a login? section, select the Yes radio button.
  4.  From the Encapsulation menu, select PPPoE.
  5.  In the Login and Password fields, enter the following:
  6.  Login.
  7.  Password. password
  8.  From the Connection Mode menu, select Always On.
  9.  Click the Apply button.

Your settings are saved.

  1.  Select ADVANCED > Setup > WAN Setup.

The WAN Setup page displays.

  1.  From the WAN Preference menu, select Must use Ethernet WAN.
  2.  Click the Apply button.

Your settings are saved.

  1.  Check if you can access the Internet.
  2.  If your DSL modem cannot connect to the Internet, reboot the DSL modem by clicking the ADVANCED tab and clicking the Reboot button.

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