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Steps to Set Up FlexPower Wire-Free IP System – A Complete Guide

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Steps to Set Up FlexPower Wire-Free IP System - A Complete Guide

In this article we list down the steps to Steps to Set Up FlexPower Wire-Free IP System – A Complete Guide. In case if, despite following the below steps you are unable to get the desired output or set up FlexPower Wire-Free IP System, contact Netgear technical support number on +1 888 808 1303. The team is available for assistance 24×7 for any technical help.


Follow these high-level steps to set up your FlexPower system:

  1. Set up the base station.
  2. Set up the FlexPower camera.
  3. Sync the FlexPower cameras with the base station.

To set up the base station:

  1. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the base station to a router or switch.
  2. Connect the power cord that came in the package to the base station and plug it in to an electrical outlet.
  3. Press the Power button on the back of the base station.
  4. After the base station powers on, the Power LED and the Network LED light solid green.

To set up the FlexPower camera:

  1. Unlock the battery compartment by pressing and holding the latch.
  2. Gently pull the battery door back and open the compartment.
  3. Align the battery contacts.
  4. Insert the battery.
  5. Close the battery door.

To sync your FlexPower camera with the base station:

  1. Press the Sync button on top of the camera for about two seconds.
  2. The camera LED blinks blue. When the camera is synced to the base station, the camera LED blinks rapidly to confirm sync.
  3. Note: The camera LED blinks amber if the sync is not successful. You must repeat the sync process.
  4. Press the Sync button on the front of the base station for about two seconds.
  5. The base station camera LED blinks green.
  6. Bring the camera within 2 to 4 feet of the base station.

There are many users who don’t know what the LED on FlexPower Wire-Free IP Camera mean. Here is the meaning for your understanding by Netgear support professionals. The FlexPower Wire-Free IP camera has three camera states –  general, syncing, and charging.


  • Blinks blue once. The camera is powered on.
  • Blinking blue and amber. A firmware update is in progress. Do not turn off the camera.
  • Off. The camera is powered off or is powered on and is synced to a base station.


  • Slow blinking blue. The camera is attempting to sync to a base station.
  • Fast blinking blue. The camera is syncing with a base station.
  • Fast blinking amber. The camera did not sync.


  • Fast blinking blue. The camera is connected to power and is charging.
  • Solid blue. The camera is powered on and the battery is fully charged.
  • Slow blinking amber. The camera battery charge is low.
  • Fast blinking amber. The power connection failed.

For any queries related to Steps to Set Up FlexPower Wire-Free IP System – A Complete Guide or additional assistance, don’t forget to get in touch with Netgear technical support professionals on toll free number at +1 888 808 1303.

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