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Steps to Install WNDA3100 Wireless Adapter on Vista/XP

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Users looking for Steps to Install WNDA3100 Wireless Adapter on Vista/XP should read this article by Netgear tech support professionals carefully.

Take a look at the below steps/procedure by Netgear support to install the adapter properly.

Step by Step Process by Netgear technical support expert

  1.    Download the drivers for the wireless adapter from the support page using the link given below. Here, you will find several software versions for the adapter. We recommend you downloading the latest version available for best performance.

WNDA3100 product support page

  1.    Double-click and run the file you just and the follow the onscreen instructions to install the NETGEAR WNDA3100 software.

      Note: Click Run when Security Warning window appears.

  1.    On the Welcome screen of the Setup Wizard, click Next to continue.
  2.    This will give the License Agreement. Click Accept to continue.
  3.    The setup will prompt for a location to install the adapter. Click Next to accept the default location.
  4.    At this point, the software for the NETGEAR Wireless USB adapter is complete.

Click Next to continue with hardware installation.

  1.    The Smart Wizard will now require for the adapter to be inserted to the computer.

Please plug in the USB adapter in the computer and click Next.

  1.    Once you plug in the adapter, it will be recognized by the system and will prompt you for the region where this adapter is being installed. Please select the suitable region and hit Agree.
  2.    You will also be prompted to select a wireless utility to be use.

We recommend using the NETGEAR Smart Wizard to connect to the wireless network. Hit Next to continue.

  1.  Select Yes to get help on connecting to a wireless network and hit Next.
  2.  Wireless adapter will detect all of the existing wireless networks in the vicinity.

Select the one that refers to your network and click Next.  

  1.  If you have a security-enabled wireless network, NETGEAR Smart Wizard will detect the type of security.

Click OK to continue.

  1.  You will be prompted for the security password to connect to the wireless network. Key in the password and click Next.
  2.  Wizard will prompt you to save the network settings to a profile so that you do not have to key in the settings every time manually.

Select Yes, then key in the Profile Name of your choice and click Next.

  1.  The Smart Wizard will allow you to review the wireless settings.

Click Finish to connect to the network.

  1.  Once your computer is setup properly, you will receive a pop-up saying, You are now connected to the Internet.
  2.  You can now Close Smart Wizard and enjoy being connected wireless using the WNDA3100 Wireless USB Adapter.

Even after follow the above steps if you are unable to configure Netgear router for satellite connection, please get in touch with Netgear tech support experts. Hope this blog helpful to you if you still facing problem regarding Steps to Install WNDA3100 Wireless Adapter on Vista/XP contact us at at +18888081303

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