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Steps to Configure a Netgear Router to Use DHCP

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Steps to Configure a Netgear Router to Use DHCP - Netgear Router SupportMost people try to avoid the hassle of assigning every computer on their network a static IP address. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (commonly known as DHCP), eradicates the requirement to do this by permitting it to automatically configure IP settings. In this article our Netgear Technical support experts will explain you Steps to Configure a Netgear Router to Use DHCP.

Below are the steps you can use.

The below procedure is recommended by Netgear Router Support experts at Icognix. Follow it to get the desired result.

  • Launch a browser. Connect to your router by entering its IP address.
  • Log in. If asked, enter your router’s username and password, and log into your router.
  • Go to Setup -> Basic Setup
  • If needed/desired, you can change the number that the DHCP IP assigning starts
  • Set the DNS. Use the DNS servers provided to you by your ISP, or use the following DNS servers:,, While there are numerous DNS available in the market, it is always good to use your ISP’s (if possible).
  • Save your settings. In some router it has APPLY button. So whatever your router has for saving click on that and save the settings.
  • Configure your network devices
  • You are done!

*Note: The above configuration steps for other routers may differ slightly. However, the basic process will remain unchanged.

If you come across any problem while following Steps to Configure a Netgear Router to Use DHCP or even after following this process if the issue remains unresolved, contact Netgear support professionals on toll free number at +1 888 808 1303

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