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Steps to backup and restore a Netgear Range Extender

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Steps to backup and restore a Netgear Range Extender - Netgear SupportUsers always struggle to find the steps to backup and restore a Netgear extender. Therefore in this article by Netgear Help Service professionals they can find proper instructions and guidelines on Netgear Extender Support. Read Steps to backup and restore a Netgear Range Extender.

By using the Backup Settings, users can create a backup file of their current Netgear Wi-Fi extender settings. Typically, the backup file will comprise of all the extender’s configuration settings, like Wi-Fi settings, Password, Access Schedule etc. According to experts, the backup file saved in your PC can be used to restore the settings in case the extender has been reset to factory default settings.

In order to save the settings follow the below steps properly. Please note the below steps are officially, and in case of any problem with it you may call expert for help.

  1.    Open the NETGEAR genie of your extender using a web browser by typing in the address bar.
  2.    When prompted for Username and Password, type your email and password that you have used to setup your extender.
  3.    On the left side of the NETGEAR genie page, click Settings and then click Other which opens the Other Settings page.
  4.    In Other Settings page, click the BACKUP button and save the current settings of your extender in your computer.

In order to restore settings Netgear tech support experts recommend to do the following:

  1.    To restore the extender settings from a backup file saved in your computer, go to the same Other Settings page and click Browse under Restore
  2.    Navigate to the location where the backup file was saved and select it.
  3.    Click the RESTORE button to restore the settings
  4.    Click Yes in the extender’s restore confirmation page
  5.    The extender will upload the backup file and reboot the extender

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