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Determine the Specialities of Linksys wrt54g wireless router

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Determine The Specialities Of Linksys Wrt54G Wireless Router

Router means
Nowadays, in a human’s life Internet is a service that cannot be avoided and became a most necessary thing. Without the internet, we could not imagine any activity in the current world. When it comes to the Internet then there will be a place for networks definitely. These kinds of networks are providing by many service providers all around the world and let’s Start to Know about Determine the Specialities of Linksys wrt54g wireless router.

According to the tile, Router is an electronic instrument/device which connects more than one network together. This device can be worked through wire connections and through wireless connections too.

Few years ago the internet was mostly used in the big organizations like companies and public places like schools. But in the recent years due to the technology innovations, internet has become to every home and even in our mobiles too. So according this statement, routers are varied in to many categories by the usability. For example there will be a huge difference in the usability when we compare a home and an office. So if we have a deep look on types of the router then home broadband routers, business broadband routers are placed in the initial positions and also there are portable routers and mobile hotspots are available too.

Things to consider before purchasing a router
In an initial glimpse, the entire routers in the shelf will look like the same but each category routers have different features and characteristics. So below points will be helpful you to but the most suitable router for your needs.

  • Make sure your amount of internet usage
  • Check out the popular models
  • Special features of the routers than the usual
  • Easiness of routers when handling setups and other manual activities
  • Consider the warranty periods
  • Cost of the different brands of routers
  • What existing customers say about particular routers

Usual issues face by users while activating the router

  • Toughness of initial configuration: Different service provider has different settings and combining the correct settings with router is not an easy for a nontechnical people in an initial try. So for these troubles most of the vendors made their configurations through easy clicks and providing web based configurations. But still many of us could not understand all configurations such as security settings like WPA settings.
  • Security updates: In the technical words we would say “Firmware Updates” and it is pretty tough to track the correct updates according to our need to download it from the service provider’s web page. Also different router models have different updates so finding the accurate one is not an easy task.

Specialities of Linksys wrt54g wireless router

These kinds of routers are most popular for its secureness. If you must need a secure connection whether it is wired or wireless then you should consider this model router for purchase. As we mentioned the most common troubles in the above paragraphs this router gives most convenient easy settings for initial configuration and performance wise it consists more speed among the other brands of router in the market.

Linksys wrt54g wireless router mainly designed for high security level needs and this device keep all the communications as private and secured. For this facility this device has encryption methods which are commonly used in the big organizations   to protect their high valuable data. Also there is another feature which is a controlling facility of accessing your network.


Setting up a Linksys router

  • First plug the router to the power and leave it to ten seconds or few more time for initialization and then plug the cable (Ethernet) to the router in its back surface and in the hole named “Internet”.
  • Then take the other yellow Ethernet cable and plug in to the computer/laptop and plug the other end of the cable to router, in the hole numbered like 1 to 4.
  • Now we have finished the physical setup and can start the setup through the web. To that we have to open any browser in your computer and type your Ip address ( in address bar and enter.
  • After you entered then a window will pop-up and it requires the username and password. Just give “admin” as username and password for the first time.
  • After that you can see the setup page with lot of configuration settings. First you have to enter your router name/model and save the settings.
  • Then you have to give configure the wireless settings by give a unique SSID which is going to be your connection name. After that save the settings.
  • Then you have to do security settings for wireless connections by selecting WEP option in the drop down list and save the settings
  • After all above settings you have to give a password for your setup page using the Administration panel

Now your router would be configured as long as you haven’t encountered any problems in the middle.

Why we are here
We the ICOGINX TECH provide all kinds of network support to all kind of organizations and for individuals too. As we have mentioned the toughness of configurations of routers, we are here to help you in any kind of network settings. Not only the initial configurations but also we provide all maintenance activities at the right time according to your needs and Determine the Specialities of Linksys wrt54g wireless router..

If you are looking for a reliable online Linksys support provider, you may contact on +1 888 808 1303.

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