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Sharing printer with readyshare on Netgear routers | ReadyNas Support

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Sharing printer with readyshare on Netgear routers | ReadyNas SupportNetgear ReadyNas Support

You can share your USB devices like printer if your printer has a USB port and supports the sharing feature. Most Netgear routers do support it and if you have multiple devices at your place, you can use ReadySHARE feature on your Netgear router to share your printer easily.This article guide you Sharing printer with readyshare on Netgear routers.


Netgear Technical Support suggest you to use this feature as sharing a device over a network is easy to setup and is very handy. It is an easy one-time setup and after that all of your computers connected to that network will be able to use that printer as if that printer is connected to their own computer.


This Netgear Technical Support will guide you through the process of sharing your printer via ReadyShare.


Follow these steps to setup your printer for sharing:

  1. Connect your printer to your router via USB cable.
  2. Make sure that all of your computers from which you will use this printer have the printer’s driver installed.
  3. On each of the computer which will use this printer, go to and download the ReadySHARE Printer Utility. Search your router model number, the file will be located under the list titled Firmware/Software. Without this ReadySHARE Printer Utility, you cannot use this feature so you must download it on each and every computer.
  4. Launch the file that you have downloaded and click NEXT button.
  5. The setup will install the application. Click on Finish button and the application will start.
  6. Select your preferred language and click OK.
  7. NETGEAR USB Control Center will display the list of connected devices. Select the printer and click Connect button.
  8. The printer status will change to “connected”. Now only your computer which you are using at the moment will be able to use this printer.
  9. Click on Disconnect button to disconnect. The printer status should change to “Available” now. Now all of the computers can use this printer using the same utility.
  10. To exit, System > Exit.
  11. If your printer supports scanning, you can use the Network scanner button to scan the documents. Make sure that the printer status is “available” before using.


If you are facing any issues about Sharing printer with readyshare on Netgear routers, please contact to Netgear Support. You can contact on Netgear Technical Support number +1 888 808 1303 (Toll Free).

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