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Setting up your Linksys Wifi Router with the help of Linksys tech support

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Linksys is a well known networking hardware product manufacturer for homes and small businesses. Its products consist of wired & wireless routers, Ethernet switches, VOIP equipment, wireless video cameras and network storage system. The devices are best in quality with sleek and futuristic designs, which provide seamless and reliable coverage to all the access points. In this article, we list down step-by-step instructions for setting up your internet connection. Read on.


Connecting all the wires

Before starting the setup process make sure you have made all the connections. Power your wi-fi router with the help of the adapter which comes in the box. If you are having a cable connection, attach your RJ45 cable with the router(or telephone line if you are having an ADSL connection). If you are having any trouble with the connections you can contact Linksys tech support.


Setting up your Linksys wifi router

Once you are done with all the connections, insert your Linksys connect setup CD in the CD drive and proceed as below:-

  • Once a pop up window comes, click on Setup your Linksys Router.
  • A setup wizard will open, check ‘I have read and accept the license terms’ button and click next.
  • Since you have already made all the connections, click on Next, else you can click on show me how, which shows more detailed instructions.
  • Your network is provided with an automatic router name (SSID) and password. For added security, you must change both the router name and password. After changing them click next.
  • The wizard will try to identify your network and if required it will ask for username and password provided by your ISP.
  • Click next, and within few minutes your setup process will finish. Now click OK.


You will be redirected to Linksys connect main window, where you will have options of Parental control, guest access and other router settings. If you want to manually play with the settings you can use these menus.


You can also contact Linksys tech support ,if you are finding any difficulties while installing your router. There are also third party companies that offer professional Linksys tech support service at economical price. One such company is Icognix. You can call them on their Linksys tech support number at 1-877-777-8906 (Toll Free).

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