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Setting up the Encryption Key for the Powerline Adapter Network using the Powerline Utility

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As a user if you are reading this article, it is a clear evident that you have been looking about this topic since long. So, here we go!

Netgear tech support expert lists down the steps to setup the encryption key for the powerline adapter network using the powerline utility. Read on the following article completely and carefully.

By encrypting the details you send over the Powerline adapter, you are actually taking a wise step of securing your personal and confidential information from hackers. In case you do not set up security on your network, anyone close with a Powerline network can potentially use their connection to get access to your network. So stay alert!


In order to set the encryption key for the powerline network using the powerline utility, do the below:

  • Click the Powerline device icon or the Security icon on the Powerline Utility main screen
  • On the pop-up menu, click Security
  • Select the checkbox for each Device Name for which you want to set the encryption key
  • Under Step 2 on your screen, you have two options:
  1. Use default Encryption Key. When you click this option, the factory default encryption key is automatically populated in the field. The default network encryption key is HomePlug AV.
  2. Create a new Encryption Key. This option lets you set your own network encryption key. Type your network encryption key in the field.
  • Click Apply Security to Selected Devices
    When completed, the utility displays a message indicating that the operation was successful
  • Click OK.


While following the above steps it is natural that you might face some technical difficulties due to lack of experience in this domain. If at all you come across any problem during the above process, contact Netgear tech support professionals without delay. The experts can be reached via web chat support, email medium or calling on toll free number at 1-888-479-2017.


The experts will give your online or onsite assistance depending on the nature of your problem. At times some problem looks difficult to be resolved remotely without physical contact with the machine, so such problem can be resolved by coming to your place where the system in installed. While these services aren’t usually charged extra, but it also depends on Netgear tech support provider to provider. We suggest you go for third party tech experts for help. They are reliable and affordable. Contact today!

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