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SETTING UP D-LINK WIRELESS ROUTER AS EXTENDER/REPEATER - D-link SupportEvery wireless router has its limits. The wireless signals are greatly affected by surroundings like walls, furniture and other things. Signals degrade when they go through such things adversely affecting their range. If you have a large place and just one router, it is possible that your router may not be able to cover all of your place which will lead to connection drops and slowdowns at some parts of your place. You can avoid that by using a wireless repeater to repeat your wireless signals. What they do is that they receive the signals from your router and reconstruct them again which greatly increase the range of the network. You can even turn your old router into a wireless repeater easily and D-Link Support will guide you on how to setting up D-link wireless router as extender/repeater, do it in this article. D-Link Tech Support suggest you to make some good use of your old router instead of treating it as a garbage.

To configure your D-Link Router as a wireless repeater/extender, follow steps below:

  1.       Open a web browser from the computer which is connected to the router.
  2.       Go to http://dlinkrouter/, http://dlinkrouter or enter the IP address of your router. The default IP address of your router is
  3.       Enter the username and password when prompted.
  4.       Go to SETUP > Wi-Fi SETUP.
  5.       Under Wi-Fi NETWORK SETTINGS section, click on Site Survey button.
  6.       A list of available networks will be shown. Select the network which you want to extender and click on Connect button.
  7.       The name of the main network will be displayed in the SSID field automatically.
  8.       Select the security type which is being used by the network you want to extend from the drop down menu.
  9.       Enter the password of the network in Pre-Shared Key field.
  10.      Click on Save Settings button to save your settings.
  11.      Now go to SETUP > EXTENDED Wi-Fi SETUP.
  12.      Choose Same as Wi-Fi Network Name if you want to keep the name and password of the extended wireless network same as main network or choose Create a new Wi-Fi Network to create a extended network with different name and password.
  13.      Click on Save Settings button to save your settings.

Your router is now configured and should work accordingly. Place this router which you now have configured as a repeater where you used to face connection drops. Hope this blog helpful to you if you still facing problem regarding setting up D-link wireless router as extender/repeater or If you have any questions or are facing any issues, please contact to D-Link Tech Support. Call on D-Link Tech Support toll-free number at +1 888 808 1303

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