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How to Schedule Internet Access with Parental Internet Control?

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Do you want to restrict your child from accessing adult websites or accessing the web for longer time? You can do that by scheduling the internet access. Want to know how to do it? Read the below article.

This article by Netgear router support explains you how to use the parental internet control feature on your Netgear router to schedule internet access to your local network. Read on.

Steps to schedule internet access

The below steps are recommended by Netgear router support professionals. Hence you can be sure of its accuracy.

Step 1:

Open a browser to access the router’s web-based setup page.  In the address bar, enter your router’s IP address then press [Enter].

NOTE:  The default local IP address of Belkin routers is

Step 2:

On the dashboard, click Parental Internet Control.

Step 3:

When the login prompt appears, enter your router’s password and click Let me in!

Step 4:

Wait until all of the devices connected to your network are found.

Step 5:

Click the arrow next to the device you wish to schedule.

Step 6:

Check Schedule Internet access.

Step 7:

Click the From and To drop-downs, select the time you wish to allow Internet access to the device for weekdays and weekends.

Step 8:

Click SAVE

*Note: The clock symbol next to the device is an indicator that the Schedule Internet access is enabled.

In case if the above steps don’t work properly and you are unable to schedule internet access, kindly contact Netgear router support professionals on toll-free number at 1-877-777-8906.

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