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Router Technical Support

To deal with our Internet demands we start to use a number of elements – an Internet connection, a modem, a router, and a quick browser are only a few to mention. Router is a common term that we usually come across when we discuss about computers and the Internet. But what exactly does this term mean? A router enables more than one computer to share one common modem efficiently and with speed. It is remarkable that a router joins computers in a network either through wired means or wirelessly. Therefore, based on the size of your network and the space available, you could choose any of them. Since router and router errors are highly technical, most users generally opt for professional router support in order to resolve them.

We have Microsoft Certified Technicians specialized in handling router issues and happy to provide router technical support 24/7, 365 days. Our technicians offer efficient router tech support which will take care of all your issues with any router. From setting up a router to boosting the router speed and from updating router firmware to resolving issues such as router unable to connect to an Internet connection; our technicians are trained to fix or troubleshoot any of your router issues you have been facing.

Your routers may lead you into different issues with your internet connection or network. Different types of issues such as installation, outdated drivers and incomplete setup gives you hard time working flawless on internet. Our technicians completely understand all these issues with routers and are well trained at fixing them for you.


Technical Support for Different Routers:

  • Setup for Linksys Router
  • Setup for Netgear Router
  • Setup for DLink Router
  • Setup for Belkin Router
  • Setup for Asus Router
  • Setup for Cisco Router
  • Diagnosis of router issues
  • Setup of your wireless or wired routers
  • Troubleshooting of router
  • Driver updates for perfect device functioning
  • Fixing security and Firewall issues
  • Configuration of wireless router
  • Other issues related to router


As a small business, you possibly will not require a great deal of IT or network support. However whenever you want it, you would like it RIGHT AT THAT POINT OF TIME. The sad part is, that the last moment seriously isn’t the convenient time to search for an excellent IT service providing agency. You can be ahead of the game simply by gearing up your technology Premier-team before any problems arises. Having IT & Network Assistance services from Icognix, we’re there when you require our services the most.

  • Router Set up and Modem software
  • Resetting your wireless Belkin Router Password
  • Slow data transfer speed
  • Re-configure Router
  • Signal strength low
  • Securing network security
  • Network & to ensure that no one else is using it.
  • Securing your Wi-Fi through keys and password
  • Updating firmware for latest version
  • Securing network

At Icognix, we ensure it is fairly easy for you to select the correct technical support solutions to suit your business requirements. We are one of the most acknowledged and trusted IT managed services and computer networking providers over the West Coast – with offices in San Jose California and Edison New Jersey. Our managed services, networking, and data back-up offer small-to-mid sized businesses with the remarkable quality and technical expertise present in the IT departments of major organizations.

24/7 Instant Router Technical Support

Icognix is one stop solution to deliver router technical support & help services for all version of all Routers. Our Microsoft certified technicians will resolve all kinds of issues related to routers including installation, upgrade, uninstall, configuration, settings or customization. Our online router technical support services is accessible via numerous ways including:

  • Router Phone support – Call us at our toll free number 1 888 479 2017 (Toll-free) now for an unlimited number of inquiries. Our technicians are more than happy to help you. You can have a word with technicians and easily solve your problems.
  • Router Chat support – Connect to one of our tech experts through instant chat and get answers to all your queries. Remote tech support gets even easier with our Live Chat support. It’s available 24 hours, 7 days a week, all throughout the year. Our Customer service representative will answer each of your queries.
  • Router Email support – Simply send an email including a brief report about the issue you’d like us to help you with, Our executives will promptly reply to each of request and provide technical support for any issues. Send your technical support questions to and rest assure that we will respond back.

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