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Restricting internet access during certain time using parental controls on Linksys routers

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Parental control is a feature found on most of the Linksys Routers which lets you restrict the internet access for any device for specific time. You can either block the internet access or you can just block specific sites at specific times.


Linksys Technical support recommends you to use this feature if you want to limit or block the internet access for the devices you want. This feature gives you great control on your network and is very easy to setup.


This Linksys Technical Support will guide you through the process.


Follow steps below to configure your router:

  1. Connect the router to the computer and open a web browser. Enter the IP address of your router which can be found on the label of the router.
  2. Enter the username and password. Default username and password can be found on the label on the router.
  3. Go to Access Policy and click on the Enabled button.
  4. Now click on the Add button to add the devices you want to block the internet from.
  5. A pop up window will appear with the list of the connected devices. Select the devices and click OK. The devices will be added under Target Devices section. You can also rename any device you might like by selecting the device and click on Rename button.
  6. Under Schedule, you can select either Always or Specific Times to restrict the internet access.
  7. Using Always will let you permanently block the internet access for the selected device.
  8. Using Specific Times will let you set the time you want at which the router will block the internet access for the selected device. Enter the respected entries under the drop down boxes to set the time to block the internet for the selected device.
  9. Click on Save button to save the configuration.


Your router is now configured and should now work accordingly.


If you are facing any issues, contact to Linksys Technical support. Call on Linksys technical support toll free number at 1-888-479-2017.

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