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Remote management on Linksys router

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Linksys routers can be managed remotely by using the remote management feature present in the Linksys routers. You can access your Linksys Routers from anywhere in the world if you and your Linksys Router are connected to the internet. This will give you great control over your network remotely.


You can use this feature to:

  •         Remotely manage your own network while you are on the go.
  •         You can help in managing someone else’s network.
  •         You can get help by someone else by letting them accessing your own Linksys Router.


It is recommended to change your default username and password for accessing the web-based setup page for security reasons.


Setting up the Remote Management is a fairly easy process.


This Linksys Router Support Article will guide you on how to enable Remote Management on your Linksys Router.


Linksys Router Support suggests you to check for firmware upgrade before proceeding.

To enable Remote Management on Linksys Router, follow steps below:

  1.       Launch a web browser from the computer which is connected to the router.
  2.       Enter the IP address of your router and then enter the username and password when prompted to access the web-based setup page of your Linksys Router.
  3.       Go to Administration > Remote Management > Enable.
  4.       Now click on Save button to save your settings.


The Remote Management is now enabled on your Linksys Router.

To access your router remotely, follow steps below:


  1.       Go to Status in the web-based setup page of your Linksys Router which you want to remotely access to know the Internet IP address of your Linksys Router. Check the port number which should be 8080 and is recommended to not be changed by Linksys Router Support.
  2.       Now enter this Internet IP address followed by colon (:) followed by port number in the address bar of the browser from the computer which you will use to remotely access the Linksys Router.
  3.       For example, if Internet IP address of your router is and port number is 8080, you must enter in the web browser in the computer which you will use to access the router remotely.


Do note that both, the router and the computer which you will use to remotely access the router must be connected to the internet.

If you are facing any issues or have any questions, please contact to Linksys Router Support number at 1-888-479-2017.

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