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Parental control on Linksys Routers

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Parental control on Linksys Routers

In this article we will explain you Parental control on Linksys Routers. Internet is the source to all the information about everything. Anyone can find anything on it easily which also makes it addictive. If you have kids who like to spend their time on internet and you want to limit their internet usage, Linksys Tech Support suggests you to use Parental Control feature.

This Linksys Support article will guide you on how to setup the Parental Control feature in your Linksys Router.

Before you configure Parental Control feature in your Linksys router, make sure that the time zone in your router must be same as your location to avoid inconvenience.

Follow steps below to configure Parental Control Feature:

  1.       Open a web browser from the computer which is connected to the router via Ethernet cable.
  2.       Enter the IP address of the router. Default IP address is
  3.       Enter the username and password when prompted. Leave Username field blank and enter “admin” in password field if you have not changed the username and password from default.
  4.       Go to Parental Controls and click on the Enable parental controls button to enable the feature.
  5.       You will find the list of connected devices to the router. Select the device which you want to create rules for.
  6.       Under Block Internet access section, you can set the time between which the selected device will be denied the connection to the internet. To permanently block the internet for the device, select the Always option.
  7.       If you want to block specific websites, enter the website that you want to block under Block specific sites field.
  8.       Click on Save button to save your settings.

Parental Control is now enabled on your router and will work as configured.

Different Linksys Routers may have a little different procedure for setting the feature on that router but this procedure will be very similar for all of the Linksys Routers.

If you have any questions or are facing any issues related to Parental control on Linksys Routers, please contact to Linksys technical Support. Call on Linksys Router Support toll-free number at +1 888 808 1303.

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