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What to do if the Netgear Wireless Adapter is Not Achieving Desired Speeds or Range?

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Sometimes, while using the Netgear wireless adapter like WNDA4100, A6200 or any other, the speed and range that it gives out is way too less than the required one for desired output. While the reasons for this could be several, the steps to overcome this is only one.

If you are facing the issue with the speed and range of your Netgear Wireless Adapter, we are here to help you. Read below for the detailed suggestion from Netgear tech support team at Icognix.

Steps for troubleshooting the speed and range problem of Netgear wireless adapter

  • Adjust the location of the adapter relative to the router
  • Use a NETGEAR wireless extender
  • Check for the latest updates and drivers
  • Check the wireless security encryption of your router
  • Get rid of obstacles
  • Use Windows to increase the power that is being sent to your wireless adapter
  • Adjust the adapter with a USB extension

You should be able to get the desired speed and range after following the above steps.

In case if you still didn’t find what you are looking for, contact Netgear tech support  team on their toll free number at 1- 888-479-2017 for immediate assistance. Call now and get your issue resolved.

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