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Netgear Tech Support for Netgear Wi-Fi Extenders/Booster

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Netgear Tech Support for Netgear Wi-Fi Extenders/Booster

Wi-Fi networks are limited in range; their coverage depends on transmission type, power and location they are used in. In outdoors a Wi-Fi router has a very large coverage, but for indoors it reduces drastically. If a device is not in line of sight of the router, then the quality of signal may reduce drastically. Also, if there is some obstruction (for instance, a wall) in between the router and the device, then also the signal will reduce. What’s the solution for this for Netgear Tech Support for Netgear Wi-Fi Extenders/Booster?

Finding the right solution

There are some solutions to these problems. You can try moving your router to a more central location. You can also upgrade to more powerful and expensive Wi-Fi routers. But still if you are having troubles getting Wi-Fi signals in some corners of your house then you must try new range of devices that are available in market. They are called Wi-Fi extenders or boosters. Wi-Fi extenders can drastically improve your Wi-Fi coverage.

Netgear has come up with a range of Wi-Fi extenders. Basically these models are divided in WN and EX family. WN models may be used in homes having limited devices and limited bandwidth usage, whereas EX family extenders can be used in large homes or offices. EX family extenders are typically on expensive side. You can buy them as per your need and budget.

Setting up these devices is pretty easy. Few of the devices are simple plug and play. You just need to plug them in a socket and switch it on. If you are having trouble installing these devices you can also contact Netgear tech support. For offices it is advised that professionals must be hired. There are various third party companies as well which provide quality and pocket friendly Netgear support to you. is a well known Netgear tech support company which provides technical support to all kinds of Netgear equipments.

For professional Netgear tech support from certified technicians, users can contact Icognix on +1 888 808 1303  (Toll Free).

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