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Netgear Router Support – How to handle online attacks

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Netgear Router Support – How to handle online attacksNetgear, the most trusted brand name when it comes to providing stat-of-the-art technology through efficient internet routers. The company has also been credited with offering one of the best customer care service including Netgear Router Support. Don’t worry we will assist you for How to handle online attacks.

However, Netgear routers recently became the victims of a cyber-attack “WannaCry Ransomware” by hackers. This was done by allowing a remote user to gain access to the administrative section of the router without knowing any of your login details till remote administration is enabled. Once this has been done the attacker can then modify the DNS server settings so that all DNS requests are routed to the DNS server under the attacker’s control. 

This will allow the attacker to redirect user to fake banking and shopping sites for stealing credit card information and account details. The exploit was discovered by Compass Security who then informed Netgear about this vulnerability in their routers on 21st July, 2015. This error was taken care of within a month and the vulnerability was removed. However, the company has not released the firmware changes to public and routers are still vulnerable to attacks.

On 29th September, 2015 Shellshock labs again discovered another vulnerability and declared it publicly. On further research, it was found that more versions of this vulnerability have been in existence since April 2003.

Till now attackers have managed to hijack around 10,000 routers using this weak point. Presently, there is no firmware update to take care of the issue. Hence, all users are requested to disable remote administration on the routers as a caution.

What version of Netgear firmware been affected by this issue?

At present, the Netgear firmware that has been affected by this vulnerability includes;

  1. 300_1.1.0.31_1.0.1.img
  2. N300-

What models of Netgear routers have been affected by this problem?

Presently, the following models of Netgear router have been affected by this issue;

  1. JNR3000
  2. JNR2000v5
  3. JWN2010v5
  4. N300
  5. R3250
  6. WNR2020
  7. WNR614
  8. WNR618

How can I disable remote administration option on my Netgear router?

Netgear users can disable remote administration by

  • clicking the Advanced category and then
  • click on Remote Management.
  • In the next step, uncheck Turn remote management on and
  • click on apply button.

In case you are using Netgear Genie interface;

  • you can gain access to Remote Administration by clicking on the Advanced setup category and expand it.
  • Next, click on Remote Management.
  • Next, uncheck the Turn Remote Management On and
  • click on Apply button.

If you are still unable to complete the process mentioned above How to handle online attacks, then contact our Netgear Support experts  at Netgear technical support number +1888 501 1182 to resolve the issue for you.

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