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Netgear Devices compatible with Apple

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Netgear has been credited with providing some of the best network devices to consumers worldwide. The company carries a trustable name when it comes to providing state-of-the-art technology for network connection devices. Apart from providing products loaded with latest technology, Netgear also offers the best after-sales service as Netgear tech support.

As Netgear devices generally support Windows based systems, support for Apple device may vary device to device. A vast majority of issues only arise with devices that connect directly to the computer or require specialized equipment to operate. However, those using Apple systems would be able to use the following devices without any issue;

  • Wi-Fi Adapters

Netgear Universal Serial Bus Peripheral Component Interconnect Wi-Fi adapters generally face an issue with Apple computers. However, Netgear has provided a driver support for WG111v3 USB adapter. The company has worked with OrangeWare to develop drivers that match the MAC drivers for Netgear Wi-Fi adapters. However, in case you face an issue; you can contact our experts at Netgear tech support and ask for guidance.

  • Router, Access Points and Range Extenders

Netgear routers, access points and range extenders are completely compatible with Apple computers. These devices handle the network communication between the computer and modem and have their own independent operating system. The users just simply needs to add an iPad or MacBook to the network running on a Netgear router.

  • Network based Storage Device

Netgear network-based storage devices are compatible with the Apple device. NAS servers store and recall data for other computers connected on the network. For more information, our experts at Netgear router tech support are present to answer every query that the user might have. The NAS system by Netgear allows easy data communication and makes hard drives readable between PC and Apple devices, which otherwise may require special software.

  • Wired Devices

The Ethernet devices by Netgear are completely compatible with TCP/IP network devices that includes Apple products. These devices include routers, network hubs and cable modems. The cables connecting these devices are also compatible with Apple devices. The wireless routers of Netgear have ports for wired connection for uninterrupted Wi-Fi support.

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