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What is my Netgear Router IP Address for Windows 7 & 8?

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Netgear routers come with a comprehensive manual guide, which makes setting up the router easy. But in most cases users usually find it difficult to locate their IP address. This is common query among router users.

If you are one who want to find Netgear Router IP address for Windows 7 & 8, we are here to help you. In this article our experienced Netgear tech support professionals give out the ways to locate the IP address of your Netgear home router. Read on.

Steps to locate Netgear Router IP Address for Windows 7 & 8

Netgear router IP can be accessed by typing or into your web browser address bar. But this does not works always. Sometimes, users come across errors like ‘Page cannot be displayed’ or ‘This web page is not available.’ If you are in such situation, read the below steps:

Windows 7

  1.   In the system tray, right-click on the network connection icon and select Open Network and Sharing Center.
  2.   If your computer is hardwired to the router, click Local Area Connection. If your computer is connected wirelessly, click Wireless Network Connection (Network Name).
  3.   Click Details. Your router IP address will appear next to IPv4 Default Gateway.

Windows 8

If you are using Windows 8 operating system, follow the below steps recommended by Netgear Tech Support professionals.

  1.   Open the Control Panel.
  2.   In Control Panel touch or click on the Network and Internet link.

*Note: You will not see this link if your Control Panel view is set to Large icons or Small icons. Instead, touch or click on Network and Sharing Center and proceed to Step 4.

  1.   In the Network and Internet window, touch or click on Network and Sharing Center.
  2.   Touch or click on Change adapter settings.
  3.   On the Network Connections screen, locate the network connection that you want to view the default gateway IP for.

*Note: On most Windows 8 computers, your wired network connection is probably labeled Ethernet, while your wireless network connection is probably labeled Wi-Fi.

  1.   Double-tap or double-click on the network connection. This should bring up an Ethernet Status or Wi-Fi Status dialog box, or some other Status, depending on the name of the network connection.
  2.   Now that the connection status window is open, touch or click on the Details button.
  3.   In the Network Connection Details window, locate either the IPv4 Default Gateway or IPv6 Default Gateway under the Property column, depending on which network type you are using. This is your router IP address.

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