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Netgear router buying guide with the help of Netgear tech support

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NETGEAR offers a lot of routers to buy. There are many type of router like N routers, AC routers, cheap routers, expensive routers, then there is a series of NETGEAR routers named Nighthawk. This article tell you Netgear router buying guide with the help of Netgear tech support.

We at NETGEAR tech support know that choosing an appropriate router for your needs can be very confusing. Hence our NETGEAR tech support professionals knows best about them, we are here to help you buy one. This article will tell you everything you need to know to buy a router for your needs.

Naming of the routers:

Routers are not randomly named. They are named on the basis of their type, the speed they offer and the series they belong to. Take NETGEAR AC750-Wi-Fi Router for example, as the name has it clear, it is an AC Wi-Fi router and the max speeds it can offer is 750Mbps. Similarly, NETGEAR AC1200-Wi-Fi router is an AC Wi-Fi router which can offer max speed of 1200Mbps. There is also a NETGEAR AC1200-Smart Wi-Fi Router. Smart in the name means that other than basic feature that all router has, it also has new smart features like beamforming feature which is very useful for reliable connections.


NETGEAR AC3200-Nighthawk AC3200 Tri-band Wi-Fi Router is an AC Wi-Fi router which can offer max speeds of 3200 Mbps and it is also a tri-band router which means that it has 3 Wi-Fi bands. Nighthawk series of routers are very high end and offers best in the world performance.


They have the best features one can need. They are also smart routers and have features like beamforming, Dynamic QoS etc. These routers also have best security features and offer more than an average user will ever need. This is why they are expensive than normal N/AC routers.

So if you are an average user with very basic uses like surfing the web and watching the videos over the internet then a normal N/AC Wi-Fi router will suffice. But if you are a power user and you are always over the internet with your superfast internet connection, have a lot of devices connected to your router, you stream content over the internet and play high end games, need a reliable connection with best range possible then you should take a look at more expensive Nighthawk series of routers.


If you are still confused about Netgear router buying guide with the help of Netgear tech support and cannot decide which NETGEAR router to buy, please read more NETGEAR support article which will surely help you to grab one best for you.Users can contact technical support professionals on Netgear Tech Support at +1 888 808 1303 (Toll Free). The company offers 24×7 assistance at a nominal price. Call today!

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