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What makes Orbi different from other routers?

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What makes Orbi different from other routers?-Icognix

Netgear has been providing the best network connection and storage devices for commercial as well as private use. Orbi, the latest device offered by Netgear provides a seamless connectivity whether it is your home or office. The product has been designed with the objective of providing extended and uninterrupted wireless network to multiple devices. The company makes sure that every product manufactured is properly tested for quality both in terms of performance and the make material. One of the best services offered by Netgear is the Netgear router tech support which is available 24*7 to help consumers with any technical glitch they might face with any Netgear product. Get to know what makes Orbi different from other routers?

The Orbi is a two-in-one router, one of which acts as a wireless network signal extender. If a customer faces any technical issue with their Orbi Wi-Fi system then the experts from Netgear technical support step-in and take charge of the situation.

What makes Orbi different from other routers?

  • Single Network Name

An Orbi Wi-Fi device provides a single network for the entire establishment, whether it is your home or office. The users have one username and password which can be used to connect multiple devices to the same network.

  • Whole coverage

One Orbi Wi-Fi system can provide a coverage up to 5,000 square feet that easily meets the needs of a number of members in the target establishment. This means that all members need just a single username and password to connect to the vast network coverage given by Orbi.

In case, someone wants more coverage area for wireless network then Netgear also has Orbi satellites to cover more area with a tri-band.

  • No need for line-of-sight

As compared to other Wireless routers, a Netgear Orbi satellite does not needs to be within close distance to your device. The vast coverage and the tri-band technology with easy to install features makes it easy to stay connected without any interruption.

  • Tri-Band WI-FI

The Tri-Band technology that empowers Orbi Wi-Fi system has 1.7 Gbps 5GHz band for extending the internet speed for Orbi satellite. The Tri-Band Wi-Fi ensures that the Orbi Wireless system gives not only a wide network coverage but also maximum internet speed.

Want to know more about Orbi Wireless system? Contact the experts at Netgear support at Netgear router tech support number +1 888 808 1303.

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