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Steps to Reset a Linksys Wireless Router Username and Password

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Steps to Reset a Linksys Wireless Router Username and Password - Linksys Router SupportSteps to Reset a Linksys Wireless Router Username and Password. When a user uses Wi-Fi service in their office, it becomes very important for them to ensure the connection is secure. This is important to protect your significant data. Most of the times, it happens that due to poor security, some critical data is stolen. If you feel your router’s admin settings have been compromised, Linksys technical support team suggests you to immediately take either of the two steps:

  • Change username and password or
  • Restore to factory settings

If you want to know about the steps for setting up Linksys router, Click here

If you are planning to change router‘s admin username and password, a professional Linksys technical support team recommends the following steps.


  • Step 1: In the first step, users need to log in to their Linksys router using the Web interface. After that, type” in their browser’s address bar. In case, a user is using the Linksys default username and password, leave the username field blank and enter “admin” as password.


  • Step 2: In the next stage, click the “Administration” tab in the Linksys interface. Under the Management sub-page, one can see their current username and password. User need to change both username and password to something that is little tricky and can’t be guessed easily.


  • Step 3: In the final step, click “Save Settings.”

In case, if you plan to go with the second method – Restore to factory settings, follow the below steps suggested by Linksys support company.


  • Step 1: Locate the “Reset” button on your Linksys router. On some routers, it is on the back of the device, while on others, it is on the bottom. The button is recessed in a small hole and you will need a pen or paper clip to press it.


  • Step 2: Hold the “Reset” button for 30 seconds; the Power button should blink as you do this. Release the button, and then unplug the router from the wall for another 30 seconds. In case you fail in the second step, contact professionals for assistance on Linksys technical support number at +1 888 808 1303.
     (Toll free).


  • Step 3: Plug the router back in. Connect your computer via Ethernet and log in to the Linksys router using the default settings. All of your settings have been removed, so one needs to reconfigure your wireless network and set a new admin username and password.

If, in any of the above two methods of resetting Linksys wireless router’s username and password, a user comes across any problem about Steps to Reset a Linksys Wireless Router Username and Password, immediately contact Linksys customer support team. They can be contacted on Linksys technical support number at +1 888 808 1303  (Toll free).

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