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So you are here because you don’t know how to change the login password of your Linksys WVC80N camera. Wait! You know it but you are not sure of the procedure. Whatever is the issue, you can contact Linksys technical support team at Icognix for assistance.


In this article the tech support of Linksys helps you know the steps to fix this issue. Read the complete process below.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure to download and update the cameras’ firmware before proceeding to the following steps.


Step 1:

Access the video camera’s web-based setup page and either click on Advanced Configuration or Setup.


Step 2:

Under Setup, select Administration and enter your new password that you want to use in the Password and Verify Password fields and click Apply.


Please use caution in setting passwords for your camera. It is always advisable to change the password of your wireless camera frequently to avoid issues. The password has to be strong and unpredictable. Don’t make it obvious like xyz@123.


Congratulations! You have now successfully changed the login password of your Linksys Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring Camera, WVC80N!
In case you still haven’t convenience with the above recommended steps, or for some reason it didn’t work for you, contact Linksys tech support immediately. They can be contacted on Linksys tech support toll free number at 1-888-479-2017.

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