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Troubleshooting LAN Connectivity Problems on my Netgear ProSAFE or Nighthawk Switch

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LAN connectivity problems on a switch can be caused by any of a wide range of factors. Below are some simple things to check which can help to resolve common problems.

In this article Netgear Nighthawk support professionals list down the steps to troubleshoot LAN connectivity problems on Netgear ProSAFE or Nighthawk Switch.

  1. Power cycle the switch and other network equipment.
  2. Ensure that the firmware on the switch and other network equipment is up to date. Firmware updates addressing bugs and other issues are regularly released. For NETGEAR equipment, enter your model number at and go to Firmware and Software Downloads to find the latest firmware. Note: This does not apply to unmanaged switches.
  3. Reset the switch to factory default settings. This is helpful to erase any undesirable configuration which may be causing problems. Where necessary, be prepared to re-configure any required settings on the switch such as VLANs.

Now let’s understand the steps the upgrade FS526Tv2/FS728TLP Firmware Version by Netgear Nighthawk Technical Support experts.

  1. Download the new firmware from NETGEAR product support Website and store it in local PC, and remember its location in the PC’s file system. Then unzip it to get the switch image of .rom format.
  2. There are three methods to upgrade the new firmware from PC to the switch.
    • HTTP
    • TFTP
    • SCC (Smart Control Center)
    • Below are the steps to upgrade the firmware via HTTP, which is the most convenient method. For the other methods, please check the IG and SW User Manual for details.
  3. To use HTTP method, go to GUI page “Maintenance > File Management > Dual Image > Dual Image Status”, find the backup (next-active) image.
  4. Suppose the backup-image is image1, then go to “Maintenance > Download > HTTP File Download”, set File Type as ‘Code’, set Image Name as ‘Image1’, select the firmware file of .rom format stored in local PC via Browser button, then click Apply button to start firmware downloading
  5. Go to GUI page “Maintenance > File Management > Dual Image > Dual Image Status”, to double check the latest image is correctly downloaded to image1 and image1 is the ‘next-active’ image. If not, go back to step 3 to download the switch image again.
  6. Go to GUI page ‘Maintenance > Reset > Device Reboot’, check the checkbox then click Apply button. The restart may take several minutes, do not power cycle or reboot the switch before the process is complete.
  7. After the switch is restarted, login the switch to double check whether the FW is upgraded correctly, via GUI page of “GUI page System > Management > System Information”.

If you have any questions or facing any technical problem, contact Netgear tech support on toll free number at 1-888-479-2017. The experts can be reached via web chat and email support also. So you can pick support from three convenient options.

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